Tennis is a great sport to play.

Whether you are a beginner who is dreaming of becoming a tennis champion or if you are a pro at the sport, your whole game depends on the kind of racquet you choose. Before we look into the factors you need to consider while buying the best tennis racquets, you need to understand the different styles of racquets.

Power or Game Improvement Racquets

These are racquets that have large heads, longer style, and lighter weight. These racquets are specifically designed for players who have shorter and slower swings and wants more power in their shot from the racquet.

Control or Player’s Racquet

Typically heavier with a smaller head these racquets are specifically used by professional players. The thin and flexible beams increase the maneuverability that will give the player maximum control. The shots played with this racquet will be powered by the player. These racquets are heavier than the other 2 categories.

Tweener Racquets

Tweener racquets have combined features from both Game Improvement Racquets and Player’s Racquets. These racquets offer a good balance of power, control, and maneuverability thus making it an appealing choice for all players from intermediate level to professional level. Some of the features you need to consider while choosing a racquet are:

Grip Size

This is an often neglected feature. Grip size of the racquet is one of the most determinant features while choosing a good feature. If you have a racquet with wrong grip size you not only will be putting up a poor performance but also increase your chances of getting a ennis elbow’ which is a form of injury. To find the right grip size all you have to do is measure from the middle line of your palm to the top of your middle finger of your dominant or master hand. The resulting measurement is your grip size in inches.

Determine your expertise

The expertise of the player has a lot to do with choosing the right racquet. An advanced player would always want to control the shot hence would go for a racquet that is more maneuverable and heavy. However, a beginner would want power-oriented racquets that are lighter in weight. Thus, you need to make sure what kind of player you are before choosing the racquet.

Head Size

A powerful shot is related to the head size of a racquet. A larger head size will provide more power than a smaller head size thus an intermediate player always chooses a larger head size since it will give them more power. But as your expertise grows you can always change your racquet and get a racquet with smaller head size.

Weight and Balance

These features are very significant since they influence how a racquet feels when you hold or swing it for a shot. There is a misconception that the lighter the racquet the better the performance while it is not true. Light racquets are easier to control but do not generate enough power while heavier racquets provide more power in the shots. However if you are choosing a mid-weight racquet, then it will provide you both control and power.

String Pattern

The string pattern is of two kins- Open and Dense (Closed). Open string pattern is better than dense string pattern to play one’s full spin potential. However, the durability of open string racquets is less compared to closed string racquets. Dense string patterned racquets have less rebound energy, however, this is a much-preferred option since players look for string durability.

Test the racquets before buying

Always take test swings at the store before confirming or you could even borrow your friend’s racquets and play a game to check your comfortability with that particular racquet. There are many racquets in the market with wide range of options, you can choose any according to your swing and style.
A racquet is a great investment if you plan to play tennis frequently. However, you must not hurry. The right racquet can only be chosen with a good research, hence choose wisely.


How to Choose Tennis Racket – Picking Good Tennis Rackets Tips