How to choose best tennis ball throwing machine – A buying guide

A tennis ball machine is a very useful equipment regardless of your skill level in tennis. It helps improve your reaction time and footwork, and it allows you to better anticipate ball movement. These are just some of the most important skills in order to excel in tennis, and you can enhance them with the help of a tennis ball machine. However, there are several kinds of this product out there. But before you buy one, here are the things that you should pay attention to when finding the best tennis ball machine.

How to choose the best tennis ball machines

Propulsion Type

First, there are two main types of tennis ball machine propulsion: pneumatic air pressure and spinning wheel. The pneumatic air pressure propulsion type uses air pressure to propel tennis balls through a tube. This propulsion type is an old technology which means it’s cheaper compared to spinning wheel types. Most machines of this type use A/C power since they require more power to operate than spinning wheel types. Meanwhile, spinning wheel types involve two wheels spinning in the opposite direction to propel tennis balls. This creates a more natural tennis ball propulsion, closely similar to when …

How to Choose Tennis Racket – Picking Good Tennis Rackets Tips

Tennis is a great sport to play.

Whether you are a beginner who is dreaming of becoming a tennis champion or if you are a pro at the sport, your whole game depends on the kind of racquet you choose. Before we look into the factors you need to consider while buying the best tennis racquets, you need to understand the different styles of racquets.

Power or Game Improvement Racquets

These are racquets that have large heads, longer style, and lighter weight. These racquets are specifically designed for players who have shorter and slower swings and wants more power in their shot from the racquet.

Control or Player’s Racquet

Typically heavier with a smaller head these racquets are specifically used by professional players. The thin and flexible beams increase the maneuverability that will give the player maximum control. The shots played with this racquet will be powered by the player. These racquets are heavier than the other 2 categories.

Tweener Racquets

Tweener racquets have combined features from both Game Improvement Racquets and Player’s Racquets. These racquets offer a good balance of power, control, and maneuverability thus making it an appealing choice for all players from intermediate level to professional level. …