Are you an advanced tennis level player who recently graduated from intermediate level?  A tennis racket that suits a beginner is far different from what a professional uses. For instance a novice tennis player seeks power but seasoned player prioritizes on good control and maneuverability. So if you are looking for the best tennis racquets for advanced players then this review is for you.  Depending on your grip size or style of play here are our recommendations to consider;

Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players Review

Babolat 2018 Pure Drive

The Babolat 2018 pure drive racquet is ideal for both the stronger intermediate and advanced level players. It employs the soft shock absorbing material blended into the fiber. That provides the benefit of reducing vibrations thereby resulting in the soft and comfortable play. The uniquely shaped grommets and the FSI technology award the racket much-needed power.

To match the strong impacts with the ball, the racquet employs an elliptical design and the EVO beam. That result in lower swing weight, less torque and maximum flex at the point of intact. Moreover, the elliptical shape minimizes the chances of the racquet twisting. The advanced racquet tennis equipment uses the premium quality Babolat pure string as endorsed by USRSA Certified Master Racquet Technician.

Using the fine string it forms an open string bed of 16 x 19. Then it matches that string pattern to the cortex pure feel technology. That bestows the muted feel of the ball to the player. And with its forgiving mid plus head size of 100sq inches, even the strong intermediate player will find the racket efficient.


  • Easy handling and great control
  • Pure power and control
  • Registers fewer vibrations unlike the previous version
  • Balanced weight; light as to support natural swing but heavy as to give the needed power to the ball
  • Made from high-quality materials


  • Slightly expensive owing to the high technology and quality material employed
  • May give little power control difficulty especially to the intermediate and beginner players

HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro

As one of the best tennis racquets for advanced players, it uses the graphene effect at positions 3, 9, and 12 o’clock. That strengthens the frame and thus equips it for high impact moments without degradation in quality like twisting. Besides, the graphene pushes more weight to the racquet’s pole. When making a serve this racket provides the extra pop and superb control. Also, this pro tennis racquet has a 23mm thick beam that translates into the improved solid feel for even center hits. To authenticate its speed pro name, it is designed to present the headlight and maneuverable quality.

To suit it for deep groundstrokes, its 27 inches length and the 6 points head balance feature, comes into use. Furthermore, the slightly forgiving 100sq inches head size also gives a large sweet spot.  That equips it to provide good spin, and power without compromising on the control.  Owing to its high quality tilted towards advanced players, the racquet is popular with the Novak Djokovic.

As the pro tennis tool, it provides a closed string bed of 19 x 20 that supports regular play without giving deteriorating soon. Besides the wider cross strings delivers unparalleled comfort, flex and not to mention large spin window.  As for the grip size, it suits those players who prefer the 4 3/8 inches grip length.


  • Better power and spin s on the ball
  • Comfortable to play with
  • Makes excellent racquet for making groundstrokes, volleys and serves
  • A nice merger of power and control of the ball
  • Simple to handle


  • Not ideal for doubles only players

Prince Textreme Warrior 100T

The Prince Textreme Warrior 100T boasts the forgiving head size of 100sq inches. Therefore it makes good tennis equipment for the stronger intermediate and the advanced tennis player. Since it is 27 inches long, it provides an easy time when reaching out to ground strikes.

Its 100sq inches head size balances well with the open string pattern of 16 x 18. In effect, it not only provides good power but also high maneuverability especially in serves. The 3 points headlight balance further supports its swiftness in returning serves.

In addition to the standard length of 27 inches, it also possesses the standard grip size of 4 ¼. That means it’s the equipment that suits many advanced players.


  • Large sweet spot thus slightly forgiving
  • Very light; weighs only 10.3 when strung
  • High maneuverable since it feels light on swings; 3 points head balance
  • Comes out of the package already strung


  • Has no racquet case

Wilson 2018 Blade 98 (16×19) Countervail

Are you looking for the best racquet dedicated to providing outstanding spins on groundstrokes without feeling the vibrations? Then check on this tennis equipment.  As an advanced player, you don’t have any challenge in making powerful shots.

The Wilson 2018 Blade 98 (16×19) Countervail enables us to make bulleted speed targeted shots. And while doing so it supports the muted feel without the annoying accompanying swooshing sound.

Using the combination of string pattern16 x 19 the racket provides good spins. That’s especially true if you have mastered making skillful shots consistent with the sweet spot. Whether you are serving or playing volleys this racquet has a stable frame. At the same time, it uses the countervail technology and thus directs the vibrations to the frame and not your arms.

If you enjoy playing aggressive games, punctuated with big hits yet wants to maintain control of the ball, then this racquet’s stiff frame and the countervail technique helps you. With the correct blend of stiffness and power this equipment helps you maximize your energy. Are you worried about having big hands, no problem because this equipment features the grip size of 4 ½ inches. In addition, it possesses a simple but elegant design. That’s due to the fine lines, matte finishing plus the laser engraving on the body.


  • Employs the countervail technology for improved damped feeling but maximizes your energy
  • Provides enhanced controllability
  • Attractive appearance
  • Good control and comfort


  • Unforgiving racquet with the small sweet spot. Not ideal for unseasoned players

Babolat-Pure Strike 16/19

As its name implies the Babolat-Pure Strike is equipped with a thin frame and a string pattern of 16 x 19. That gives it the right foundation to generate powerful spins. Thus for the advanced aggressive player who wishes to dominate the tennis court with powerful shots and spins. And even as it makes hard impacts with the ball, its soft graphite frame makes it friendly to the arms.

By incorporating low-density string bed and FSI technology, this Babolat racquet offers playability, spin, and power in the right balance.  Besides its woofer-dynamic string design provides for the free movement of strings. Even the string quality couldn’t have been much better; it features synthetic gut 16 gauge material. And you know what that means; extra power and improved shock absorption ability.

The midsize head size racquet of 98sq inches combines nicely with the wider beams to boost its precision. As for the frame, it combines both elliptical and square shapes thus resulting in balanced precision and responsiveness.


  • Head size of 98sq inches; helps to maximize on responsiveness and power too
  • 4 points headlight and more maneuverable
  • Unstrung lightweight of 10.8ounces
  • Makes a good racquet for big hitters
  • Made of high-quality strings
  • Available in attractive colors


  • Relatively stiffer frame, 67

HEAD Graphene Touch Speed Pro (Unstrung)

The HEAD Graphene Touch Speed Pro tennis racquets fit skillful players; it even has the backing of Novak Djokovic. The tennis pro equipment is characterized by improved control and spin with a slight drop in power performance. Thus for the advanced play who can generate powerful shots it makes a piece of good playing equipment.

Even when you make powerful shots at the ball with heavy impacts, this racket is designed with Graphene technology. Thus the strong impacts of the ball won’t transmit vibrations to your elbow. To give the super nice hit of the ball the head features more weight at points 3 and 9 o’clock.

On top of the sturdy frame, it also employs a head size of 100sq inches and the large sweet spot. That makes it ideal for the player who is struggling to master the advanced level tennis skills. Coupled to the large sweet spot is the closed string pattern of 18 x 20. Thus for the regular player, it offers prolonged durability without degrading quickly.


  • Standardized length of 27 inches
  • 9 Lightweight
  • Constructed to provide minimal vibrations
  • Quality matches the tournament playing level
  • Recommended by professionals like Novak Djokovic
  • Provides great control and spin with a slight reduction in power


  • Somehow compromises on power

HEAD Graphene XT Radical Pro (Unstrung)

Designed in contrasting colors, HEAD Graphene XT Radical Pro presents the dazzling look. Beyond the attractive appearance, the tennis racquets for advanced players have a head size of 98sq inches. With such a head area, it features the design that maximizes accuracy and balances on power and control at the same time.

Besides, it has a standard length of 27 inches and a lightweight of 11.06 ounces. The lightweight is balanced across the entire body of the racquet to reflect the 6 points head-light distribution. That makes it easy to maneuver a tennis racquet. Although it features light head, it’s still heavy enough to provide more power. That is partly because of the extra weight and strength added to the throat area.

As for the grip size, its 4 3/8 inches fits many people. On the other hand, its open string bed of 16 x 19 provides adequate power. If you are an aggressive player who has mastered good aiming of the sweet spot, then the HEAD Graphene XT Radical Pro racquet fits you


  • Offers a comfortable grip to the hands
  • Endorsed by renowned Andy Murray
  • Light and thus supports fast swings
  • Optimized for maximum accuracy and balances on power and control too
  • Sturdy frame structure
  • Gives solid plow through


  • has a slightly stiffer frame

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Tennis Frame Unstrung Without Cover

It’s only the professional payer who knows the best playing gear. That’s why Wilson teams up with the legendary Roger Federer to give the tennis racquet for the pro players. As such it’s the tennis equipment respected by many people. To begin with, the head size covers an area of 97sq inches. Such a midsized head racquet provides the small sweet spot but accurate aims, just what an advanced player needs.

Its standardized length of 27 inches gives no problem when reaching out for groundstrokes. Although it features the unstrung weight of 12.6 ounces, its weight distribution of 9 points balance gives power to each shot. In addition to its quality performance, it also has the looks. The velvety matte finishing and laser engraving gives it a unique appearance. If you need the racquets that have all the features to enable you to put up the competitive and aggressive play, then this Wilson Pro staff RF97 qualifies.


  • Provides solid feel grip
  • Outstanding matte black velvet beauty and laser engraving
  • Headlight balance
  • Outstanding power in every shot
  • Blends power and spin nicely


  • Packaged unstrung

Babolat 2013-2015 AeroPro Drive Plus

The Babolat 2013-2015 AeroPro Drive Plus has a unique design that distinguishes it from other top tennis racquets for advanced players. Its frame structure features a slight tweak so as to support faster swings. As a result, it’s the racket that gives the professional player topspin coupled with aggressive strikes.

Furthermore, its mid plus head size of 100sq inches provide good power to the ball at every hit. For even greater propulsion effect, it features the 5 points head balance structure with the open string bed of 16 x 19. As a result, it provides high swing weight thus pushing the ball even deeper into the court.

Unlike the standard racquet length of 27 inches, this Aero drive adds you little more length; 27.5 inches. As such it provides extended leverage of the ball. But even though it supports aggressive strikes it won’t register unfriendly vibrations to the arms. That is because it uses the cortex dampening system for a smoother feel.


  • Effectively dampens the vibrations
  • Outstanding maneuverability and spin capability
  • Suits aggressive strikers
  • Long racquet handle
  • strung already


  • Slightly stiff; Babolat RDC of 69

Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Plus

Like a true Babolat racquet, this equipment is half an inch longer than ordinary rackets.  That results in additional power and spin ability. Any stronger intermediate and advanced level player will benefit from this racket. It employs premium quality Babolat string provided by USRSA Master Racquet Technicians. Then trusted quality strings are then arranged in a string pattern of 16 x 19 using the FSI string technology. Consequently, it sets the right base for generating extra power and spin

As an all-court racquet for professionals like Raphael Nadal, it supports high maneuverability. With a 6 head-light balance weight distribution, this Babolat Pure Aero plus racket registers more swing weight. However, that has been counteracted with its aerodynamic frame design. At the same time, the cortex system used lessens the vibrations transmitted to the arms.


  • Provides the solid feel of the ball
  • Longer racquet length
  • Features enhanced power and control
  • Uses the premium quality string


  • Slightly heavy; weighs 11.3 ounces when strung

 Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value

If you are a slim player looking for a racquet that can maximize your energy to give more power and good control then consider Wilson [K] Zero. That’s why it gives you an oversize head size of 118sq inches.

However, even though the racquet has a large head, it feels exceptionally light; weighs 9.1 ounces when strung.  At the same time, it has an extended length of 27.5 inches that translates into easy reach of even far placed ball. Although it’s light, it has more mass concentrated on the head, thus head heavy. When you combine the 6 points HH balance to the extra-long length of 27.5 inches you get good control and comfort abilities.

Since it is light, it supports swift maneuverability without forgetting on stability. As for the string bed, it features a pattern of 16 x 19. Since it has a grip size of 4 ¼ and carbon composition, it suits most average people’s hands. Even as you make great hits, little energy is lost since the racquet doesn’t bend easily at the shaft; thanks to the dual taper effect.


  • Excels in maneuverability and stability
  • Dual taper technique thus wastes little energy on the bending of the racquet
  • Extra-long length
  • Head heavy thus produces far-reaching shots
  • Lightweight design
  • Forgiving racquet


  • Doesn’t provide excellent control of the ball; oversize head

Babolat-Pure Strike 100

This is a handy racquet for both strong intermediate players and advanced players. Tapping from the benefits of graphite composition it offers lightweight and much-needed flexibility. On the other hand, its 100sq inches head size provides precise but powerful shots. To further enhance the stability and power its frame has been thickened at strategic places on the head.

Its total strung weight is 11.1ounces has been distributed across the entire equipment to reflect the 4 point head balance. In effect, it blends nicely with the swing weight of 314grams to result in enhanced maneuverability.  Its string arrangement of 16 x 19 connects to the frame using the woofer dynamic technique. Therefore with every shot, the string moves freely with a trampoline effect to generate additional power.

Babolat pure strike 100 employs the hybrid frame that combines both the elliptical and square shapes to blend the feel, responsiveness, and precision of the racquet.


  • Quality synthetic gut strings
  • Good shock absorption
  • Generates more power using the woofer dynamic string system
  • Features graphite composition
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Good grip


  • Reduced swing weight

Prince Textreme Tour 95 (4-3/8)

What an advanced player seeks most from a racquet isn’t power but good control. And that’s what makes Prince Textreme Tour 95 (4-3/8) one of the best tennis racquets for advanced players. To begin with, the head size measures 95sq inches but its entire strung weight is 11.8ounces.  Such a blend brings in the element of precision and control into the tennis game.  It, therefore, enables a player to plow through with a high degree of precision.

Unlike its predecessor, this Textreme has a higher dampening effect and by extension maximizing the feel. Whether you want to plow through from the baseline, effective block on the volleys or direct the ball at a high pace the Prince Textreme Tour 95 (4-3/8) won’t fail you. As for the maneuverability it doesn’t lag behind since it features the strung balance of 8 points headlight and the weight of 11.8 ounces.

And did I tell you that it uses the open string pattern of 16 x 19? If you can generate your power, this racquets rewards you will unparalleled precision, control, and maneuverability. What more can an advanced player look for from a racquet?


  • Offers maximum control ability
  • Highly Maneuverable
  • Has a standard length of 27 inches
  • Friendly to the arms


  • compromises on power slightly

Wilson Burn 100S CV

Are you that baseliner who needs the racquet that provides power to plow through with ease? Then have a look at the Wilson Burn 100S CV, one of the best tennis racquets for pro players Wilson has ever produced. It is designed with a standard length of 27 inches but has the head that covers an area of 100sq inches.

Its frame features countervail technology. That means it optimizes the energy transfer to the ball but reduces the fatigue registering on the muscles.  Therefore for the regular tennis players, it produces no pain in the arms. Its unique blend of 100sq head size, 11.1 strung weight to the open string pattern of 18 x 16 results into nothing but power and high spin. Furthermore, it also employs the spin effect technology to increase the spin effect.

Its standardized length produces more feel and increased leverage for two-handed backhand players. The racquet distributes its weigh to give the 7 point headlight balance.


  • Provides more power
  • Employs the spin effect technology for more spin
  • Reduces the vibrations reaching the arm through the use of Countervail technology


  • Employs the stiff material

How to Choose the Best Tennis Racquet for Advanced Players

Now that you are past beginners and even the intermediate tennis playing level, you also need to advance your tennis playing equipment.  It’s time to say bye to that oversize racket and get the best equipment that helps you maintain the control of the ball. So don’t just shop blindly. Instead, reflect on the following points as a guideline:

Identify your grip size

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player you need the racket that provides just the right grip. You don’t have to bet on that. Most adults have grip sizes ranging between 4 to 4 5/8 inches. Before you go shopping measure the grip size of your hands.

Alternatively while at the shop grip the racket just like you would do in the real tournament. There shouldn’t be too large or too small space between the tip off your fingers and the base palm holding the racquet. If you don’t find the exact fit, then go for the smaller grip size. You can boost up its circumference to your demand by using the over-grip tape.

Go for the standard 27 inches racket length

The standard racket measures between 27 and 28 inches. However, there are still longer rackets up to 29 inches.  As an advanced tennis player, you shouldn’t have trouble with generating power in shots.

Thus it’s advisable to choose the standard length racket, and if you want to deviate, then do so by half an inch. Except if you have trouble with making powerful hits, then go for the extended length. Remember the longer the racket the lower its maneuverability and precision.

Let the racquet match your skill level, style of play and needs

Before you buy a racket, reflect on these three important factors;

  • Your tennis skill level
  • Your game style
  • Your needs

With that said here are three types of racquets you should be aware of;

Power rackets

These rackets are identified by their large heads, lightweight and extended length. Owing to that description they suit mostly entry-level tennis players who seek that extra power in every shot they make.

Tweener racquets

Tweener racquets are designed to feature balance in all areas. Consequently, they offer a balance of power, maneuverability and control.  So if you need the racquet that doesn’t favor any style, then this is the racquet to consider. Hence they are the equipment that can be used by tennis players of any skill level from intermediate to the advanced class.

Control racquets

These rackets are easily identified by relatively small heads, to maximize control. However, they don’t generate as much force as power rackets. Their small head gives the player an advantage in provides great control of the ball. Although they can be shot or tall, they have more weight than the other two rackets.

If you are a big hitter, buy a less powerful racket

If you possess an athletic body then don’t go for the oversize head rackets, compromise slightly on the head size since your body natural can provide that force needed to propel the ball. So choose the smaller heads size racket that is light and also head heavy (HH).

Mind about the racquet composition

A large percentage of racquets are made of graphite because it provides a lightweight but more power. However other racquets are similarly designed from aluminum or titanium. These two offer a combination of comfort and power in every shot. If you need an extreme light racquet then go for the boron or Kevlar composition. However, be warned that Kevlar and Boron are stiffer and less forgiving compared to graphite racquets.

After sampling out rackets, put them to real tests

What works for your friend doesn’t necessarily imply it would work for you too. So take your time to test your samples at the store. Most shops would let you try out racquets before paying for them; of course, you would have to pay a small fee.

Alternatively while at the court, test the racquets used by some of your fellow players. Take note of how it feels in your hands and how it matches your game style.

Take note of the string pattern

In addition to the racquets composition and structure, the string pattern also matters.  That is because the pattern in which the strings are arrayed (open or closed) affects your playing. Here is what you should know;

Closed string pattern

This string bed supports more control in shot placement. Also, they have longer life owing to their dense pattern.

Open string pattern

This string bed provides more spin thus allowing you to hit the ball with more power and topspin. The only disadvantage is that they are more likely to break than the closed stringed racquet.

Know what beam width means

Beam width refers to that triangle shape below the racquet head. The bigger the beam width the more power that racquet can support.  It also influences how hard you can hit a tennis ball. That holds since the bigger the racquet the large the beam width it will need. The same applies to the control-oriented racquets.

Don’t overlook weight factor

Do you know the weight of a racket determines its playability? For example, a light racquet is easier to swing. Besides, they generally possess larger heads. On the other hand, heavy rackets of at least 300 grams boast smaller heads and sweet spots too. But generally racquets weight from 250g to 340 grams.

Consider the stiffness too

The stiffness of a racquet refers to how much it bends at the impact with the ball. By extension that also influences how much power is delivered on the ball or wasted in bending the racquet. The more flexible a racket is the less power it delivers in each shot.


So as you see, there is much to consider when you want to choose the best tennis racquet for an advanced player. When you deliberate on the above factors you are more likely to make an informed choice which will boost your play.  To make that task less confusing, we have narrowed down the list to a few choices listed above. The list touches on famous brands that are known to provide trusted quality. Surely by now, you can’t go wrong, can you?




Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players Review